Wednesday, February 06, 2008

W is for...

Works in Progress

My lace socks in progress.

(and my husband's progress that I had to rip out since I thought I matched the rpi and spi (rows and stitches per inch) but couldn't match the mpi (mistakes per inch). It hurt to rip out, as I knew how much time and energy had gone into it, but he wanted this project done and knew I'd probably have to rip if I took it over. I did it while he wasn't home and kept knitting, and eventually...

...that turn into Finished Objects:

Knitpicks pattern with knitpicks yarn - details on ravelry or upon request! :)

...I know I already showed my finished lace scarf earlier, but I am still very proud of it, especially the fact that I finally finished it!!

W is also for
...Wonderful Mail

My SP11 pal was so kind to send a replacement package when the final packaged never got here (more on that later...) See the wonderful baby hat (including yarn to make a more blue one) and lots of yarn that have many ideas swirling around my head. There was also another card game that the girls were very excited about (we've already played it many different ways). Thanks Sue!


aksunflour said...

wow! 5 more weeks- you don't look that big.
Nice yarn! Enjoyable stuff

JBB said...

You look so cute, little sis!