Friday, February 22, 2008

X is for...

eXtremely eXciting knitting, mail, and projects!

...remember the SP11 package that disappeared? Well, it showed up yesterday. Look at this beautiful stuff that was sent for me (well, and husband and girls).

The yarn is all just beautiful! I am so excited that this stuff didn't just disappear into the mail-black-hole. The sock yarn is for husband, but I am already thinking of what to do with the rest, as it is lovely! I'm also so happy that the handmade items didn't get lost!

...handmade for the baby of course. Look at the cute stuff! I love it!

Thanks so much Sue! ...the chocolate is already open and half gone.

...and look what else got finished!

The stole hasn't been blocked yet (My mom said I could borrow and use her blocking wires and boards - sometime soon perhaps), but I can't believe I finally finished! Once I started working it didn't actually take too long, it just had to wait its turn to be the priority.

I am now down to two projects (my husband's slippers and the yarn for Heather) that I want to get done before the baby is born. Of course, since they are both spinning I need to have a knit project. I'm currently working on these...

I'm planning to make the same booties (smaller) with the other yarn in the picture. I also am planning to make the blue baby hat that Sue sent the yarn and pattern for. Maybe I'll even start a pair of socks, as long as the spinning continues in the background. I'm down to about 5 and a half weeks before the baby is due, and I'm currently going on schedule to finish all the major things (including taxes - now done. Yay!) so I won't have anything big hanging over me afterwards!

My husband brought home a present yesterday also. Someone he works with sent a nice baby blanket home!

It's very pretty! I love this whole getting handmade gifts thing. Usually I make gifts for other people's babies, and make only one or two small things for mine. This baby is already getting spoiled with yarny goodness and I know there's at least a bit more coming, very exciting! Thank you!

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Wye Sue said...

I'm so glad it found you... I'd forgotten what I'd put in there ... Enjoy, hope Hubby liked the sock yarn and the undyed Parissene turns into something wonderful.