Friday, April 27, 2007

Oldest Yarn and Newest Yarn

The latest contest for Swap10 is to dive into your stash and come up with the oldest yarn. This was actually hard for me as I have a fairly small stash and a fair amount of lopi on top of the bucket. Usually when I buy yarn I do something with it... so almost all of my stash has been opened and used somewhat. The yarn on the left is the exception to that. I bought it cuz it was pretty and then haven't actually used it yet. It's about a year old I would guess, which isn't that old, but I think it's the oldest non-opened yarn in my stash (my husband has a bit of yarn that would tie or slightly beat it I think)

The yarn on the right however, is the oldest yarn still in my stash. It's left over from my first pair of socks...

Which are kind of sad, as they are very simple (no heel) and square toe. This was probably early to mid 90s, and it was my first attempt at knitting with small (US 2?) needles and I loved the colors. I have no clue what yarn it is, and I would do things SO differently now, oh well... I still do wear these every once in a while, as they are great colors and are very very warm.

Now on to my newest yarn:

I finished spinning my sock yarn.

I had a huge skein and a small skein - the picture is of the small one, which i don't know how many yards it is right now, but the huge one is 533 yards. I'll measure the wpi once both are dry (which is why there's no picture of the huge skein). It looks like it will work for socks though. I'll take a short break before I start spinning my husband's color.

I'm still working on the ribbing (toe-up, remember... almost done) of the first sock for my husband, I'll probably cast on the second soon, and maybe even start another project sometime. ...I've got a few that are calling me.


Anne said...

Ooh, very pretty! I get so jealous of all you spinners, but have so much knitting to do that I just fight the urge!!

Anonymous said...

Hi lucy,
Sorry it's been a while I am away from home right now and won't be home till the end of May. I can't wait to tell you why during the reveal, but let's just say I'm really exhausted at the end of the day and have no real free time at this point. Those socks look fantastic and I envy that you have time to knit even a few stitches because I haven't been able to knit for about a week and I have three more weeks to go. Keep up posting those fantastic FO's they are inspiring me to try to make time to get some knitting in.

Take care from your secret pal