Tuesday, September 18, 2007

G is for...


Hannah of Arkansas (Missouri?) won the contest for my first finished object. I will be emailing her and mailing something off soon. In the meantime I am working to try to finish some of my other projects, because...

G is also for Goals:
I'm working on the yarn pirate sock again. I still love this yarn and this colorway. Now that I'm working on it consistently it is moving along a bit. I like a fair amount of ribbing, so I will be starting that soon, and then it will move quickly and I'll be done with the first sock!

Spinning was accomplished last week. I have yet to measure it, but it is now dry and looks very nice.

I realized I never photographed my bracelet. If you remember, my first attempt was huge and silly, so it turned into a small bowl. This second attempt, done earlier this summer, is almost perfect. Another attempt once I finish some more things.

I also thought I should show the socks my husband made for Lily. She danced around in this and kept telling people that the top has a ruffle. This weekend we left the house and everyone was wearing tofutsies. (My husband's socks made by me, everyone else's made by him). We all had happy feet.

So, as I said, goals. My husband offered me a challenge. He is currently working on a sock (one from Cat's new book, out of Valley Yarns, Franklin) for him. He has challenged me to finish both of my yarn pirate socks before he finishes one of his socks. ...and to finish all *current* projects before he finishes his pair. I think it'll be a stretch, but it is possible for either of us to win. (The lace scarf is not considered current, and MS3 - while it's considered current in general, I don't know if it is part of this challenge).

My current projects are:

the yarn pirate sock
the project from knitting lingerie style
some more I cord rugs
my lace scarf

I think that's it. If I forgot something, let me know!


Your Husband said...

I don't think MS3 counts... Maybe the measuring and planning for our joint quilt though, since we could do that during conference.....

Anonymous said...

Unless he has very large feet I think it is a bit of an unfair challenge !!

Secret Pal

JBB said...

I'm rooting for you! But I also think you should add making something for your big sister to the list. I'm sure your hubby would agree! (And I figure if I keep joking about it long enough, I may have something tangible in hand :)

Anne said...

I Loveeeee that colorway on the yarn pirate. I'm such a green girl to begin with, and that one's just perty! Good luck on the challenge!! :D