Wednesday, April 04, 2007


I decided to spin some more wool to ply with the rest of the camel...

I only have two spindles (well, three i guess... the one shown here, the spindolyn, and a one i've *borrowed* from my mother). It took about two VERY full spindles to have enough to ply with the camel, but it is now done!

Of course, I finished plying it last night just after midnight, and had to wait until this morning to measure and skein it. It's just over 300 yards, and the wpi varies from 18 to slightly over 20. It's getting washed right now, probably another picture after it's dry.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy,

Happy Belated Birthday I hope you got everything knitterly that you hoped for and if not I have a special birthday treat coming your way it is due to be delivered on April 11! I hope you enjoy it.

From your secret pal,
The Yarn Geisha