Monday, June 25, 2007

Wing of the Moth Blocked

Being blocked:

It measured 36" down the middle and 82" across the top. I didn't block it too severely, I could have easily gotten it a bit bigger. I started on the living room floor (on the two big towels) and then moved it to the bed after it was pinned and dried a bit. There's a lot more circulation in there. I left it there for several hours (showing it off to my mother and my neighbor), and then when it was dry I unpinned it.

Afterwards, it only sprung back a bit, but I didn't remeasure. I just like how it came out.

You can go through the blog and get all the details, but I'll try to recap. I had 4oz Superwash Colonial Wool from Ashabee's Creations. The color was called 'I've got the Blues' and 2 oz (and then bought another 2 oz) of White Angora from Copper Moose (who shipped SO fast). I spun them up and plied them together. I ended up with just over 1000 yards. I chose to use the Wing o' the Moth shawl pattern from KnitSpot. I knit on US 3 (Bamboo Circulars from Clober).

I started spinning in late May, and finished by June 18. I started knitting on Monday evening, and then knit straight (taking Wednesday off, just knitting that evening) and then I finished last night (Sunday) and washed and blocked it today!

Just as a quick note, it started with 5 stitches and the last row had 497 stitches. It had 204 rows if I added correctly. It was fun to work on and I am SO excited that it's done!

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Monika said...

Well I'm glad I came over from Spun Stitches, since I wanted to see your shawl more clearly. I just love your wing of moth shawl. The color is goregeous and the pattern too. Congratulatiosn on your 100th post! I love contest, doing them and participating as well. Since I'm new here I'd say the Wing of Moth shawl is my favorite, but I'll check out the rest of your blo as well. ;o)
yarnloopie at

Divine Bird said...

It looks FABULOUS! :D

Taueret said...

it's beautiful, and so much more special in your own handspun. I really would like to knit this one day.

Eve / Divine Fibers & Yarns said...

Your Shawl looks wonderful!

A tip on blocking lace. I also do it on a bed and because I use a guest bed I can leave my lace on there for several days even if it feels dry after a few hours. When I give it the extra time to set, it doesn't spring back, keeps its blocked size.

I look forward to reading the rest of your blog.

Necia said...

Hey found you via spun stitches. Your shawl is absolutely gorgeous. OH my, all the work you put into it! I know it was so worth it! I'm still practicing my spinning, but I may make the same shawl for the spun stitches along. I really don't know, only time will tell!


Ina said...

Got here from Spun Stitches. Your Moth is beauteous!

Monika said...

Well, it's not easy to decide which project I liked best. I adore the Molly Doll in her rainy day outfit! Have never seen anything like it. But the Wing O'Moth shawl is just wonderful, it gets my vote. ;o)

Anonymous said...

See--I'm doing fairly well at reading this regularly now...and so I think there should be a "big sister" award (just because your crafts are SO fabulous)...