Thursday, August 23, 2007

A is for...


This isn't my favorite finished bear and blanket, but I am always pleased with how they come out. The bear is, as always, from a Debbie Bliss pattern that I've adapted to knit in the round (tiny arms and legs aren't so much fun to sew up). The sweater was my own creation, and as it is the piece I am not so impressed with, no more info on it.

The blanket is Jack's blanket. I measured both the blanket (about 28" by 30") and my gauge (starts at 3 st per inch and ends up about 2 1/2 st per inch, maybe even pushing 2 st per inch - I loosened up as I got used to the yarn/needle combo, and I think most people would too). I realized I didn't give that information with the pattern, and will fix it at some point hopefully.

A is also for...

...absolutely ecstatic.

Those are the socks my sshusband finished for Curly. She was sooo excited to get them she did a little dance around the floor. She was very willing to let me take pictures, but it was a bit difficult as she didn't want to stand still. They do match a pair he made for me, and there was just yards left when he finished with hers. There are a couple of other left over balls of yarn, but I don't know if any more tiny socks will be made from them, as these are just barely fitting her.

Hmmm... what will B stand for...?


Anonymous said...

Yep, adorable is an accurate description :-)

Anne said...

Oh he is a cutie!! And the socks are great as well :) B is for... umm.. Baby?