Monday, May 14, 2007

Spinning, Socks, and Swap

My current work in progress:

The other side of the sock is ribbing that started at the toe and will go all the way up.

Since it's so much fun and working so well, I figured I should start spinning my husband's socks:

I got to start working on my handspun socks because.... I finished the tofutsies for my husband!! He's already worn them (the day after I wove in the ends), we have yet to wash either pair (his or mine) but that will be tonight or tomorrow and I'm not (too) worried.

For SP10 we were asked to blog about where we craft. Sometimes it's in the car, or outside, or in bed, or on the couch... but usually, I sit right here:

It's comfy, I can see the tv, reach my laptop or the spinning wheel, and a have two windows right near me. The chair has enough room for one (or both) of the girls to sit with me and read.

And of course, behind my chair is a huge mess I need to clean up again (every month or two, or more often, I have to clean it out and decide what projects need to be near me and put the rest back with the main stash)

You can also see the nice shelfs that should be mostly empty. You can tell where I am in my craft projects by how crowded those are. They also hold the remotes and phone and light and fan.

Thank you for the kind comments on my husband's knitting. We are now preparing our project lists for the next couple of months and comparing our stashes with those lists... all in preparation for going to webs on saturday for the tent sale (and fiber fair)!


Divine Bird said...

I LOVE the socks in the first pic! The second one is blurry, though; do you have a smaller version that's easier to see?

Where'd you get the fiber for the colorful socks? And did you dye that batch yourself? XD Sorry I'm not up on the latest news--but I'm glad I checked in to see these!

Anne said...

I'm really quite jealous you can just say "Go to webs for.." I wanna be able to GO TO WEBS!!! *pout*