Thursday, July 09, 2015

Wheel and Spindle

Yesterday I spun a lot of the brown alpaca. I'm hoping to finishing stuffing this bobbin full soon and then finish a different fiber I had previously started before doing more brown alpaca on the wheel.

I have also been spinning some on my spindle, especially if my back is already sore from the wheel (or dishes or anything else).  I can sit back on the couch and still get some spinning in and feel productive. 

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Tour de Fleece 2015

Tour de Fleece 2015 runs from July 4th through July 26th (the same days as the Tour de France race).  They spin, and we spin - see how that works?

This year has been a little more special.  As I prepared to work on my spinning every day for almost a month, my family noticed.  My husband pulled out an old spindle he had given up on and passed on to me and decided to try again.  While helping him get started, my girls found their old spindles (they were in with my tools but each had an initial on them) and some random white roving.  We had a small trip to Webs the day before starting, and my son (who doesn't spin yet) bought some yarn to practice his knitting.

It is hot and humid, and they are still playing video games and spending hours reading books... but fiber is all around the house (actually, it is, the white roving they chose tends to get wispy and stick to things!) and it is pretty nice to see spindles in use before bedtime!  The big question is what will happen when that small bag of roving is gone...