Thursday, October 04, 2012

Just keep swimming!

Somehow, not entering my ten on tuesday post ahead of time made it so I didn't get my other posts up either.  Yesterday was a bit busy, and it ended with my mending a pair of my husband's pants just the day before he needed them... I'm also working on the baby gifts and the contest sweater.  Yesterday was also my weekly trip to the library, so now I have to make a decision - do i finish the book I'm almost done with (424/485 pages read) or do I start the new Rick Riordan, or the new JK Rowling book...  both of which are available to me *right now*. 

Instead, I am trying to be good and help the kids finish their work, help get the house ready for family guests, and be there early Saturday morning to clean our church building (we rotate who helps with that and it's my turn again).  I will knit and read and watch some fun shows at some point.  Hopefully sometime over this month my treading of water will turn into a gold medal finish!

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Ten on Tuesday:today

There was no Ten on Tuesday topic that went out for this week, so instead, you get ten things I did today: (disclaimer, tuesday is usually a crazy day, this list is not at all inclusive)

1. Ate half a bagel with cream cheese and raspberry jam for breakfast

2. Wiped down the kitchen and swept the main floor before co-op

3. Made sure one of the girls made the pb&j for the three kids today (I ate leftovers)

4. Listened to Noel read two fun stories

5. Facilitated a game of animal sound charades

6. Carefully lifted a kid into my garage through a window since the door was stuck, eventually figured out how and fixed the door

7. Listened to a report about Ocelots

8. Played 9 games of Spot it! Kindergarten style...

9. Started a batch of dough for bread

10. Put together two pots of eggplant beef stew

Monday, October 01, 2012

Sweater Progress

I had a little more knitting time over the weekend and I now have one sleeve finished and the second sleeve is half done.  Lily has enjoyed watching all of the guesses come in for when her sweater will be done and has tried to do a couple of extra chores so I have more time to finish it!  She's cheering on the early guesses, but life goes on and I can only knit during some of its activities!