Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Y is for...


Back on November 23, there was a contest that was won by Heather. When she was local during New Years she looked through my stash and chose some blue goat that was waiting to be spun.

Just the past week she received her new yarn:

The specs are on Ravelry, for length and weight and such.

I also spun a bit more of the Alpaca, and I'm looking into the possibility of sending the rest off to be processed.

The girls thought taking pictures of the pregnant mommy spinning sounded like fun, that's one that Lily took.

Y is also for YAHOO!!

I finally not only finished knitting the MS3 (Swan Lake Stole), but managed to block and weave in ends...

So now, it is completely finished:

Y is also for Yet another Baby Knit!

I managed to finish the blue hat (to go along with the pink one that WyeSue sent) so the baby is now covered either way.

These first pair of booties is done, as is an light orange pair, and a green pair is about a 1/3 of the way being done.

I have a whole list of things around the house I'm trying to get done in the 20ish days I hopefully have left before the baby comes. (Things like filing away bills, moving my small stash and setting up the craddle, catching up on mending, cleaning the girls closet so they can play with toys again and I can get the baby clothes down from the shelf in there...etc) I have finished all of my big knitting projects that have been hanging over my head, except for the slippers for my husband, which he said might as well wait until next year. These tiny bits of knitting is all that is happening right now, although I really want to start a sock. Maybe before I move my stash I'll pull out yarn for a pair or two of socks and maybe a couple other things to work on later (when I start getting sleep again, but can't move my stash back yet due to said craddle being right there).

Hopefully I'll be posting a couple of times before the baby comes, we'll see. But I will make sure to let you know if it's a girl or boy at some point! ...maybe early April ;)


Running Knitter said...

MS3 is so gorgeous! You've been quite the busy bee!

Wye Sue said...

Well done for finishing so much stuff off..
That hat looks good - It's designer is giving birth as I type (or she has run out of yarn waiting - made to stay in this morning after a false start yesterday)
Good luck with new one, hope the girls enjoy their new addition

JBB said...

It's all so beautiful!

the boogeyman's wife said...

that MS3 looks awesome! and of course that handspun :)