Wednesday, September 12, 2007

F is for...


Yes, the Melon Shawl is done. It's been done almost a week. (Yes, homeschool began, many things happened - blogging didn't). She loves it. I haven't actually blocked it, as I know it's going to be worn everywhere as the weather gets cooler. I'll block it when I have to wash it. There were three entries for this project in my contest, so I'll have to random it up and post that soon.

The yarn was Dancing sock yarn from Knitpicks, bordered by KPPPM. It was worked in US 8 and 6, and the pattern is in Victorian Lace Today. I adapted it slightly as I ran out of the two skeins I had of Dancing, and then adapted the border to fit on the slightly shorter rectangle. It took forever it seemed (I started it in July), but it's amazing, once I put up the contest I actually worked on a couple projects for more than five minutes at a time - and it's amazing - when you put some real time into knitting, progress gets made.

I've been working on the spinning (not consistantly of course) and I'm about half done with the little buns of purple and green - then the plan is to navajo ply it and see what I end up with.

I have completely a couple of I-cord mini rugs for the preschool group. They go pretty quickly (US size 17 needles, 5 strands of yarn, 4 stitches looped around and around until you have about 6-8 yards) especially during tv/movie watching.

I have one currently in progress, and I have taught one of the other mothers how to knit and she's half done with her first one (after about a week working on it). These are moving right along and I'm having fun playing with the different colors. I had a bucket of cheap (washable) yarn donated to the cause (from my mom) and when I first got it it was overflowing - the bucket and an additional bag... it now fits in the bucket and keeps slowly going down.

Oh right, we also went peach and apple picking last Saturday. Yesterday (Tuesday) brought this:

We had one this morning that had been in the fridge overnight. SO GOOD! I might need to do some more, as those 9 jars won't last very long (the other smaller jars are peach syrup. Friday will be the first run of applesauce - as I will be showing some other women how to can yummy applesauce. More batches will be made over the next month or so.


littledevilworks said...

OOO the Scarf is beautiful! I want one now. :)

Anne said...

Oh wow you've been busy! I LOVE the shawl/scarf - its sooo pretty, and makes me jealous I can't do lace! I really think the rugs are cute - I was just thinking the other day of trying to come up with a way to use up extra bits and pieces of cotton and making a rug would be fun. :D I really like what you're spinning up, too - the colors are beautiful!