Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Current (and Finished) Projects

I finished something...

Curly chose this yarn back many months ago. She wanted to make something with it, and I suggested a bag. It turned out to be too fuzzy for her to help with, so I did it while she did things for me. I just did a rectangle and then did a 3 stitch I-cord, picking up a stitch through both layers every other I-cord row (and then psso the last of the 3 stitches with the one I picked up). I did one side, then cut and put it on a small holder, did the other side and then kept going until the yarn was almost gone and then grafted the two I-cords together. That way I used up the yarn completely and got the handle as long as I could.

...and I am still working on the nightcap from the most recent knitty.

It will end up being big, but fit perhaps? My husband will have to try it one night and then we'll decide if we need to add some light elastic, or machine sew a bit to make it narrower, or just leave it alone. He's trying to talk me in to making a second one with less stitches around.... we'll see. We'll definitely have enough yarn, it's just up to my list and priorities.

...and I've got a pair of socks started (well, one sock started)

This is going to be a pair for my husband (I didn't knit for him all year, so suddenly all my projects are for him) and he wants them a bit tall, so I'll just get both feet done and then keep going.

I am still spinning the alpaca (one skein done, 3 or so to go). I had to bring my yarn down this weekend to regroup (plastic bags were taking over one corner of my room). I still have one rubbermaid container of yarn and one of fiber (and then a big webs bag of lopi - skeins and scraps). I ended up keeping yarn out for two new projects.... which will start as soon as I finish the night cap! ..well, at least one of the two will!

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