Monday, April 16, 2007

Swap arrived!

Yeah, so I got my swap10 package today in the mail - YAY!!

Up closer :)

The first picture are the things marked for my birthday - the chocolate bar was kept hidden until after the girls went to bed tonight... all mine :)

The second picture has some bamboo needles and two TUFOtsies (numbers #719 and #720)

The third picture has a cool sock kit (yarn I'll have to try to dye - maybe?), a note, and a retractable tape measure (THANK YOU! I actually didn't have one that retracts yet)

As today is patriots day in massachusetts I wasn't expecting mail (I forgot that it's only a state holiday) so I was surprised and excited when it arrived. Thank you - Thank you!!! I'm working on finishing up all the sewing on my monkey before I let myself start something new... now I'll have to decide between all the projects I had planned and all the wonderful new things :) - Hopefully I'll have a picture of the finished monkey tomorrow...

Speaking of finished objects....

Yes, you maybe already saw this here, but I just recently added the zipper and button (and button band). I now consider it done, although I might wash it once more - the bag shouldn't felt further, but the button band might a bit. I like it though, it fits my phone, keys, wallet, and a sock in progress - perfect size!

As far as comments go, I won stitch markers from tammy's dulaan contest! Yay! Thank you Tammy!
And a huge thank you to the yarn geisha!

...oh yeah, I did actually start another baby blanket - and i need to work on a bear this week for a gift, so no new projects OTHER than those until I finish something


Anonymous said...

Yay, you got the package so fast! I'm glad you like everything. I'm leaving for a trip soon and will be away from home for a month! I did pick up some yummy yarn for you that I'll probably send to you when I get back late May.

Anne said...

How cute the bag looks! :) And the monkey turned out great. I really have to learn to make little animals and things - yours make me have KnitToyEnvy!