Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Projects Update

I think it's time to update my post from 9 Days Ago...

Fuzzy Hats
Lace Scarf
Teased Wool

Planned Projects - (may be on the needles, or under needle for sewing, soon)
Felted Fish (for child 1, and maybe one for husband also?)
4 more bears and 2 more baby blankets
Another furry fuzzy hat (due by feb 28th - mailed before then of course)
A felted bunny rabbit
A project with my new yarn from yarn swap (maybe dyeing and spinning wool to go with it?)
Spinning more yarn to send off to my pal in February
6 more skirts
some handkerchiefs

The fish are done
The fuzzy hat (one in progress, and one planned) are both done

The bear is also done

The lace scarf - I haven't touched... maybe soon?

and the teasing of wool, well, I got enough teased to do this:

Yay! more wiltons dyeing. This, depending on how it spins up, will be used with my yarn swap yarn.

I also got to some sewing:

I currently am working on or still have to do:
finish spinning yarn for yarn swap (pictures sometime in February)
work on that lace scarf
maybe some more fuzzy hats if I find more fur yarn
2 more baby blankets and 4 more bears
my felted rabbit
Spin up that dyed yarn to use with my yarn swap yarn
4 more skirts
and some handkerchiefs

1 comment:

TftCarrie said...

I love your hand dyed yarns. So Pretty. And the felted fish is amazing. I learned how to knit about 7 years ago, but I have never made it past straight knitting and purling. THis means I have made a lot of scarves.