Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Bear and Blanket

Everyone else is in bed. The house is quiet (except for the tv I am watching). I begin what I think is my last row... and I know I'm going to run short - and I do. So I undo it. A whole row. I then work across the row, binding off as I go. ...and this is what was left:

Inches. This blanket and bear sweater took 10 oz of Lion Brand Jiffy. I did throw away some scraps as I wove in ends and such, but really, not much.

The blanket has been sitting there almost done for a couple weeks. The hold up was the fact that I didn't have a bear done, so I couldn't 'whip' up a matching sweater to fit a bear - and I needed to do that first because I wanted to make the blanket as big as possible. So I spent the past week half-heartedly working on a bear (not exclusively of course).

I finished it up this morning, made the sweater during the afternoon, and finished off the skein (and blanket) this evening.

You can't really see the pattern in the blanket. It's a combination of a double seed stitch and ribbing. I think it's really pretty - as it has a simple texture that works with the beautiful colors.

I know that's a bad picture, but I always try to take one with both bear and blanket - the brown and the colors of the blanket just blend right in together.

The bear is a Debbie Bliss bear made with Berroco Chichilla Chocolate with US 3
The blanket is my pattern made with Lion Brand Jiffy El Paso with US 8

Now back to work on my other colorful projects.

[Update] Thanks to the Yarn Geisha I played around with Picasa - and here are the new pics:

and I was having so much fun...

...and now back to knitting [end update]

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Hey Lucy,
I thought I'd share with you a great way to help lighten up those dark pictures. I use Picasa and it's free plus easy to use, you can download it here,

Cheers from your secret pal