Saturday, March 10, 2007

A post without wisdom

Now that my wisdom teeth are out, and my older daughter turned five, and many other exciting adventurous things happened (not really) this past week.... I figured it was time to post the craft progress for the week.

When I was able to, I worked this week on finishing things to mail off to my new nephew (and family). His blanket was already done, and here is his teddy bear with sweater:

A sweater for his sister's teddy bear (made before I started outfitting them):

The I-cord rug will also be going out in this box (sometime next week hopefully)

A blurry picture of my tufutsies yarn (we bought two skeins, this is the one I am using to make a pair of socks for my husband)

Pretty things from a new store:

These are both from Criations in CT. I found out about this store when I met Jenny. (I was actually going to blog about that, but then got caught up in life... was really fun meeting her, so fun in fact, that I didn't realize so much time had passed until I was home and realized I had forgotten to do more than munch on bread and I was still hungry... we'll have to do it again some time!)

Previous Projects:
2 bears, 1 baby blanket - 1 bear done!
lace scarf - still working
felted rabbit - not started
skirts - no recent progress
handkerchiefs - not started
mystery handspun gift - scarf finished and delivered
pink and purple pig - finished and loved!
something for my younger daughter (shawl?) - started monkey, looking at patterns for shawl

Current Projects:
1 bear, 1 baby blanket
lace scarf
felted rabbit
skirts and handkerchiefts
monkey for younger daughter
plastic canvas "paper doll"
various spinning

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