Tuesday, November 06, 2007

November 6

Yay! I finished... well, kindof.

I crocheted little buttons and loops and sewed them on. I then got to photograph all the stuff I've been making for this neighbor's baby.

Like this big bear wearing the now finished sweater.

...and the matching blanket. (Simple pattern, Cast On a multiple of 3, rib for two rows and then move it a stitch, rib for two more rows, etc)

...and of course, the bigger little baby sweater. I left this one without closures. I think I will gift it that way. The mother can either add on a zipper (she sews) or choose buttons.

Everything is bagged up and ready to gift. I might just add a little hat, as I have tons of yarn left. ...we'll see how well a hat knits up tonight during our current netflix, either way I'm gifting within the next day or two! :)

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JBB said...

Super cute!