Monday, February 12, 2007

The rest of the stories

Aside from my tale of woe (deserving its own post), last week was an exciting craft week...

The friday before (Feb 2) I washed a bunch of wool and taught part of a home-schooling family about wool - cleaning, carding, spinning, dyeing.

I then started the blanket for the baby shower. Along with that yarn I had picked up some for a future baby blanket, and four skeins of this:

just because it was cheap and pretty :)

Then on monday I got an exciting box in the mail...

That's almost all my spinning, the gray/brown was attached with a tiny bit of spinning when it arrived, but that was so much fun. The only other drop spindle I have is a big bottom whirl, so a top whirl, lace weight spindle was a blast to work with.

I then spent some time finishing up the spinning and plying this:

and then my sweet sweet husband knew that I was looking into getting my own hand cards (I was currently borrowing my mom's, and my sister who lives at home and helps us out all the time was hoping to get a turn on those ones). He stopped at a LYS on his way home from work and brought me a present

happy early valentines day to me! (which is only fitting, as he got his valentines day present early also)

I then spent the rest of the week spinning and working on the baby blanket and bear.

After spinning so nicely on that new spindle, I looked at the spinning wheel I am using (also my mom's), and knew there was something wrong with that, so I ordered an ashford maintenance kit. Of course, I couldn't order just that, so I got 4 oz of camel at the same time (saves on shipping, right?). That arrived on Saturday, so Sunday afternoon my sweet sweet husband took that little kit and fixed up the spinning wheel, tightening everything up and replacing a number of things... it now works so nicely! Pictures of that next time perhaps.

I also have my spin to knit swap ready to go... just need to pack and ship it. Pictures of everything I sent out sometime in the next week or two perhaps, or maybe just a link to her blog, if she pics and posts it nicely :)

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