Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Warmer Winters

Well, although you've already seen this red hat when it was first finished I was delinquent about everything else I made for Warmer Winters this year...

When my mother started this program in our area she had some yarn that had been given to her to be used, so I snagged three skeins for me to use. I figured Christmas knitting was done and I could whip some stuff up...

There was this hat and cowl

...and this hat and cowl...

...this yarn I had got for 'Lily' to make something - instead she asked me to make something with it to donate - but not a cowl... she doesn't like those... so I made a small pocket scarf!

(graciously modeled by my friend's daughter, as mine are both giants) This picture was taken at our local library, which has a weekly knitting group we've been going to. It is held right after our ice skating class, and is during the day, so it's all homeschoolers or older adults, which has just been lovely. The girls knit for a bit and then find their books for the week and talk with their friends while I get to (usually) sit and knit and talk since Mr Little Tomato likes to be awake during skating and sleep for most of the library time. While I really enjoyed other groups I've been to this one really seems to suit my life and schedule!

I also made this little hat out of leftovers.

oh, and I also really have another skein - 'Curly' took it and is knitting a simple hat (round and round) with it. As Warmer Winters will take items year-round I'm patiently waiting for her to finish it.

Back before Christmas (just after sending the package off to Missouri with some family presents) I started a hat for a friend. We had decided to barter (my knitting skills for her photography skills... now that everyone's almost well I'll have to schedule that with her soon). She chose this hat off of ravelry and I (very willingly) ordered some Japanese craft books. Details are on ravelry, but it was rather fun actually decoding the directions... especially as I hadn't ever crocheted from a chart before.

Reactions were good and I think she liked it.

I've also finished spinninng this yarn (shots of pretty yarn later) and have already started knitting with it.

I realized I like to have two or three projects going at once and while at the moment my slippers aren't completely done, the knitting of them is. The only other project I had going (before starting this new lace) was the stripey socks - and although there are two of them, each a big project, it's not quite the same as having a variety of things to work on...

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