Monday, January 08, 2007

Fun with I-cord

Here are the original I cord rugs. These were made for my two children to sit on and then kneel on each night when we have our family scripture and prayer time.

Then I made one for me, and one for my husband, as we discovered they made great places for everyone to sit in the (wood floor) living room when we want to play board or card games. Just as a note, the two adult ones are bigger, used much more i-cord, etc. I just didn't get a sense of scale in my pictures.

That last one that I made -- I just finished it recently. The fun thing is that I learned how to use a big home made nosepinne to wrap up a pretty center pull ball.

and then about 1/3 of the way done i had to rewrap it...

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WENDY said...

Started making an I=cord for a dog bed. As I sew it together, it's starting to curl and look more like a basket, rather than lay flat. Will blocking it, correct that? How can I make it flat like a pancake? Thanx!