Friday, March 02, 2007

Oink and Swap

Oink Oink

made from this yarn (home dyed and home spun), and I used the piglet pattern from this book.

In other news, here's the picture of the I-cord rug for my neice

I used my spindolyn that I received in the mail on monday, and I now have a 166 yard, 19 wpi, 2-ply skein of coral yarn.

I have gotten some work done on my lace scarf, and will keep plugging away in between projects.

I started spinning the roving I bought from copper moose. I'll probably do more of that and try to finish it up, as it's my largest non-fleece spinning fiber right now.

I originally bought this to share with my spin to knit swap pal, which I did, and now I'm looking forward to using the rest. ...which brings me to the swap. Now that it's officially over, I was giving to Mel. I gave her:
For the first swap:

one of those skeins (I kept the other rust/olive/rosemary) and the bamboo/wool ply

And for the second swap:

And I just received my second package from my swapper, as soon as I get a blog address, I'll post that, but I was very excited and THANK YOU!! :)

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Jessi said...

I'm glad you like that yarn. The first yarn I sent you was actually my first full skein ever and that green one was my third. :)