Monday, February 26, 2007

Pictures of the Omens

Alrighty... now I have some pictures that go along with my previous post.

First we have a picture of the magic scarf:

You make this by doing a normal plain stitch (I did a tube of knitting) for about 1/3 of the final length you want the scarf, then you bind off every other one (dropped the stitches you don't bind off), and then you pull and drop all those stitches. I let my girls help me pull. This is just plain red heart yarn, like I said, I just wanted to try it after reading all those knitting books.

Next we have a picture of the singles of the blue/green yarn that appeared last post:

I dyed it when it was still single, and then plied it up. I think it came out nice.

Then the mystery item (in pictures):

Can you tell I'm a bit proud? I got thin (for me) consistent yarn on the wheel. Then dyed it as singles. It took a little while for the color to grow on me. I thought the singles were pretty ugly after they dried, and I was a bit worried, but after plying it... I think it came out cute! Then I used one of the Elizabethan scarf patterns (same leaflet but different pattern than my lace scarf, and bigger - US 7 instead of US 0) Comments?

I also got something in the mail today....

...more fun!

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