Monday, June 04, 2007

Buttons and Bunnies

WOW, what a productive weekend....

First off, we have the button I got at the event last week:

...and while I'm on the topic of buttons, I have some more to add to my sidebar.

This one is actually almost done, but I thought this button was cute, and I didn't have one yet.

And this one:
Spun Stitches KAL
I just joined today, I'll have to post there, but the goal is to spin yarn and make it into a shawl.

I signed up for this swap - sounded fun, and I believe it's still open if you want to join!
Virtual Vacation Swap

And this last one isn't something you officially join, she's putting up different spinning techniques and giving us 2 weeks to play around with each one, I might not do my spinning on sunday, but I'd like to try out each of the different exercises.
Sunday Spin-a-Long

As far as projects go, I have also been spinning some soft white angora on my spindolyn.

After an Enterprise-disc evening or two, I am almost done with the whole 2 oz I had in that bag. A tiny little bit left and then...

...I will spin up this on the wheel and ply the two together.

I have plans for making a shawl with this yarn, depending on how it comes out. This is the yarn I'm trying to spin for the spun stitches KAL.

That's right - I can spin on the wheel because the sock yarn is done!

Isn't it pretty?

As I took the last picture my 3 year old wanted her hand in there too.

So I ended up with 550(ish) yards of two ply. I haven't taken the wpi yet, but it definitely feels like sock yarn - much more than the three ply did. So now I will make socks, and something to go with them...

And last, I have an almost finished project... I followed the pattern I bought for a felted rabbit. I used US 10 1/2 needles and some ella rae yarn from my LYS. After knitting and sewing:

After washing (felting) and stuffing it looks like this:

I just need to sew on some eyes (perhaps just simple eyes with the pink yarn?) and then make a little brown pompom and sew it on for the tail. It just has to finish drying first. Last night my sweet husband was helping to clean the girls room and found an old baby shower present. This is a little bunny that someone gave me for my oldest...

Of course, as a perfect gift for me, she didn't give me just the bunny, she gave me the debbie bliss book that the pattern was in. This was the beginning of my stuffed animal baby gift knitting.

I've been thinking about what things I would like, since my SP10 spoiler asked if there were any other yarns on my secret wishlist. While there are many small dyers and etsy shops that I watch, and many big names that I have yet to try, I don't have anything up at the top of the "buy next" list. I just love different color combinations and the feel of different yarns. Unfortunately I think my next purchases (a couple months from now since I just finished fiber festival season?) will be a yarn meter so I don't have to count while I'm using my swift, and a really good digital scale... I will want to get the new Charmed Knits book along with the new Harry Potter book (oops, i should probably pre-order that soon), but I don't know when that will be. ...and I'm also looking forward to the new Romantic Hand Knits book that comes out this summer.

So there's the generic answer, specific to my spoiler, I've loved everything I've gotten, so I'm sure I'll love whatever you send!

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