Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Part of my Christmas presents from my husband was a slipper kit. It came with slipper bottoms and a gift card to my LYS so I could knit myself up a pair of felted clog slippers (cuz I made a pair for him and he loves them so much).

So I finished up a couple of projects and then went to the LYS and picked up some Cascade 220, and then a little while later I whipped them up.

I then felted them and tried them for a while

I then decided I needed to felt them a tiny bit more, and then, true to his word, he sewed the bottoms on for me (knitting my own slippers - okay... sewing them on - ulgh). I've now been walking around with warm feet...

...now just to make new ones for the girls (well, maybe in the fall... and the boy will need a pair by then too)


Faith said...

Your slippers look so cozy! What a great husband to do the sewing/finishing for you. That's totally awesome.

The video of your little dude scooting across the floor is so funny! It reminded me of one of our cousins, who rolled everywhere until he learned to walk. :) Babies are such funny little creatures.

the boogeyman's wife said...

those look cool! i've thought about making some clogs but haven't got around to it yet.