Friday, January 16, 2009

Post-Christmas Post

Christmas is now very much over and I can finally post the finished projects (sorry for the interesting photos, I remembered to take them right before wrapping them up and shipping them off.)

First, was for my almost 2 year old nephew

I made up a couple of these yarn balls and also wrapped up a collapsable laundry hamper for throwing fun.

I also got foot measurements for my brother and his wife. He got these:

Just plain socks with ribbing on the instep and cuff.

...and she got these:

they are not that pinky/red - they are a much deeper wine color. (both the ink and the wine are knit picks kettle dyed, I really liked how they looked once they were worked up.)

The sock almost looks normal on the foot, but the reason I made them is I fell in love with how they look off the foot (in their restive state)

Aren't those just cool?

I also finished a hat that was swapped to a friend. She got a cool hat, I'll get the use of her photography skills for my kids. I, of course, forgot to take a picture of it, so I'll have to see if she can take one for me.

I told my girls that AFTER christmas we could make gingerbread houses (they kept seeing the kits at every store we went to) so last week, while my sweet husband was out of town for business we spent several days to that end. We made the dough one day, cut and cooked the pieces the next day, and then put it together the third morning and decorated it that same afternoon with a friend.

I think this is my first time making royal icing as an adult - what fun! ...especially using meringue power so it is quick and edible. After all the pieces were firmly attached we made up another batch, added the chimneys and then thinned it down to use the rest for gluing the candy in place.

We might use a slightly smaller pattern next time, but I think the kids could talk me into this again, especially if you consider all the time it used that can be considered different schooling areas.

I am almost done with what was supposed to be a birthday present (early December), and then a Christmas present... and now it's just a present for my sweet husband. Pictures of that next time...

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