Saturday, April 17, 2010

Wishes, Hopes, and Dreams

When something is going on in the life of someone you care about you can't always help. Sometimes you can't change anything, and, in fact, you don't want to intrude - you just want them to know someone cares and that they aren't alone.

I had been mentally planning this out for several months. I ordered this yarn on February 17, and waited for it to arrive.

I then, on the evening of February 23, cast on a pattern from knitspot, and set aside my other projects for about a month and worked on this...

As it comes off the needles it doesn't look very special. It's lumpy and bumpy and the holes look almost random, but after being soaked and then stretched out and pinned and stretched some more and re-pinned... and then letting it dry.... it looks much more impressive:

I had *almost* a skein left when I finished the shawl. I had thought I might have about that much extra, so I had already searched out a pattern. I cast on another knitspot pattern, and began knitting on this scarf...

It's a little hard to see the cool zig-zag that developed, but I really liked the texture and so I chose not to 'hard block' this and instead just carefully steamed it so it would not roll, and left it more textured and not lacy.

I had to wait a while to post because I wanted to make sure the items got to the two recipients... which has now happened. Both shawl and scarf will hopefully provide comfort and warmth.

Pay it Forward Finished

I was a little late finishing up my pay it forward promise, but I had two done and only one left... so I made some new washcloths for my mom, who happened to have signed up on my blog and had already fulfilled all of hers.

Then, since wash cloths are just a little boring for someone who waited over a year for a small gift, I included some candied ginger which I know she loves, but won't buy for herself.

And then I wrapped it all up with itself and handed it over to her! :)

Pay it Forward - DONE!

Birthday Bonanza

I had a wonderful birthday earlier this month. My oldest daughter made me a knitted dishcloth and a coupon to have her wash dishes sometime. My second daughter gave me this beautiful yarn:

...and then promptly asked if I would make her a pair of socks sometime.

And of course, my little boy gave me a big hug (and I swear he wished me 'happy day' first thing that morning before he even heard birthday mentioned).

My husband spoiled me with this yarn...

which will actually go into his stash, as he said he might use it to make something for me, or if I get to it first I can use it if I want.

He also gave me some beautiful fiber I had admired online...

Isn't that pretty? He also gave me an official shawl pin, as I've been randomly using anything that would work.

He also gave me a Loopy Ewe gift certificate and then my sweet husband also gave me a yarn bowl. It's a beautiful piece of pottery that can hold my yarn while I'm working...

I also got a great book from my brother's family, several exercise dvds (that I had asked for), a new cake doctor book, and a yogurt maker.

Thanks to my husband who made sure I had a great week, and to everyone else for their birthday wishes and gifts!