Monday, October 01, 2007

I is for...

I won!

That's a finished project from knitting lingerie style. It's made with Valley Yarns Pelham, very pink, which is a soft bumpy cotton. It's a very comfy outfit and I'm so glad it's done.

I finished that Thursday. Unfortunately my husband spent the weekend recovering from a cold, so I felt a little bad winning the first part of the competition. ...but not bad enough to stop trying to win the second part.

Saturday we both bound off a short sock, his (almost done) can be found here, here's mine.

I knew I would have a couple hours of sitting Saturday night, so I cast on the second sock right away and got through the increases in the toes as quickly as I could, so Saturday night, while I was listening, I got to knit.

I is also for I-cord!

Today I'm trying to finish up the last I-cord rug for JoySchool. Last week I taught one day and used the rugs (borrowing a couple from my girls) and it helped me. I'm not sure how well they will work at the other house it is held at, but I enjoyed using them, and I think the kids did too.


heather said...

today i was adding some books after (finally) getting into ravelry, and as i put in the book you gave me, thought, if anyone i know is in here, lucy has to be. and here you are! now that i know where you are, i'll keep up on what you're doing. knitting friends are in short supply up here. i miss craft night!
good luck with your contest btw!

Janet said...

You go girl! Sock looks nice.

Anne said...

woohooo for you! The socks are looking great, and you are far braver than I knitting things from that book :D