Friday, May 25, 2007

Finished (part two)

Socks are done. These were made from yarn I spun. Fiber purchased from Yarn or a Tale, custom dyed by Leah. I used my generic toe-up sock pattern, with US2. I have a fair amount left, probably enough for another pair - but I haven't measured yet.

They look a little on the long and skinny side because of the ribbing I put up the front of the sock. They fit really well, but it's a bit warm for them. I just need to make a little swatch and wash it to make sure it *Really* is superwash (cuz i'm a nervous person) and then I'll put them away for fall.

I have a small amount of alpaca waiting for me to ply it, so I can try to finish the barbie skirt and get an idea of how this yarn will work with me. Hopefully I can get to that today.

I actually finished my socks yesterday, but I was so busy spinning I forgot to post those new pics. So here is (about) half of the yarn for my husband's socks. I just need to wash this up and then work on the other half. (I might start knitting with this half once it's dry, or I might wait until it's all done... not sure)

This was the other half of the custom dye order from Leah, isn't it working up pretty?


Anonymous said...

Your collage and the other pictures look fantatic! You make me almost want to start up spinning; however it might be a bit more tricky for me, long story! Your package is in the mail and you should get it soon.

From your secret pal

Knitting Mama said...

If I bring my spindle and my fiber, can you show me at the event how do use it!?? I'm too scared!

Dot (Australia) said...

OMGoodness!! Those are the prettiest socks I've seen in a long time. Absolutely gorgeous! Found your blog via Spindlers and so glad I clicked to take a look. What a wonderful inspiration. :o)