Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Another week disappeared into the every day routine....
So, since last Wednesday when I posted last:

I got a box of yarn from Annie:

for free! yes, good yarn, fun colors, for free... it was so exciting to get that box and open it up!

Then... hmmm... My daughter wanted to dye some wool and somehow have me make her a yarn pig. The pattern arrived today, but the yarn spent the week getting made:

The green with a tinge of blue was on my drop spindle, so I experimented with dyeing that, as these were done with food coloring and citric acid, and then i ran out, so i used some vinegar too. I'm thinking of plying that to see how the colors work.

I also cleaned some of my black/brown fleece:

I worked up some I-cord for a rug for my niece. This also worked well, as I was teaching someone to knit, so I have them start some, figured that they'd never forget how to knit after doing 10-12 yards of I-cord. I am currently sewing this up - hopefully a picture when it's done (soon)

I also mailed off the hats to Kate one is made by my mom, one is made by my sister... the rest were made by me.

And then I started a shawl for my older daughter (well, for either one really...) since I had some yarn I had bought for teddy bears, but didn't work out quite like I thought it would. I used the same pattern I bought for my bamboo shawl. The yarn makes a pretty shawl though, and it's washable and dryable, so the girls will *share* it until I get something made for the younger daughter

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Annie said...

Yay! I'm glad you like the yarn. That shawl is fantastic!