Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Conversations not with myself

I do have progress - I've spun the blue wool, and I am spinning the white angora. I have several more inches on the shawl for my younger daughter. So yeah, progress all around... but today I had a short road trip with my mom - we went to a post office and a yarn store. During the drive many things came up that I need to give her more information on, so here is what I spent half my day thinking and talking about:

...but since that doesn't give her the information she needs...

Dulaan - you can see some good pictures here and here. It's wrapping up for the year...

...but, while we're waiting to hear what next year's goal is, you can always donate (nice little blue button on the left side) to help cover the shipping costs. The trip to the post office today mailed off a grand total of 86 items (I made a small number and collected many more from my mother and another prolific knitter - we're all glad that keeping our hands busy helps others)

We then continued down the road for a while and ended up at one of my LYS. She purchased some lace weight for the Mystery Stole 3 Knit-A-Long (I'm such a bad influence) done by Melanie. The group closes in early July - so join up now if you want to knit a beautiful stole over the summer.

She also purchased some sock yarn and wanted to know where to find some great sock patterns from Wendy - check out the patterns at the top of the page, and the detailed sock pattern a bit lower down.

We discussed different toe-up patterns... Here's at least one cast on. After casting on, you can either do a short-row toe or a more traditional increase toe.

One more link before I move on to the pics of my purchases... I mentioned LibriVox. One of the other blogs I read mentioned it a while back, but I can't remember who. They take books that are in the public domain and provide audiobooks for them. My daughter is in a kids book club and we ran out of time to sit and read it together this week, so she "read" the first half of Wind in the Willows by listening and following along. I've downloaded a couple of chapters of Pride and Prejudice to listen to while knitting or spinning. Take a look!

So yes, I bought some stuff today at the LYS....

That's two sock patterns by Cookie A, a shawl pattern, and two skeins of KPPPM that should go nicely with this...

I'm hoping the yarn that I have will do the middle of the shawl, and then the new yarn will be for the edging... I'm kindof making it up as I go (not the pattern, it's from VLT.. just making up the yarn requirements - since it's for a 3 year old, but I want it to grow with her).

I will now go back to the spinning and knitting... as soon as the girls are in bed.

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