Monday, July 02, 2007

Chart A and a Bit of Wire

My purchases for beading purposes:

from the local bead store...

...and from AC Moore.

The group at Creative Fibers on Friday night.

Some of us around the table (with chocolate goodies)...

...and everyone (everyone but Ellen I think) with their current MS3.

I finished chart A that night, and haven't worked on it since - I plan to tonight or tomorrow night - after all, after I finish chart B there's no more until Friday

Sunday night, I broke out the wire, and the extra beads I had purchased and tried some wire knitting. The pattern was supposed to be a bracelet - but I don't like how it came out (at least not on my arm) so I will try again another day. I did salvage the finished knitting though, I gather up the cast on edge, and made a little bowl.

It's a little hard to see (pretty hard to photograph shiny things), but it is a cute little bowl :)

The daily dose of older finished stuff:

I figured I should do these next since I mentioned I had used tigger scraps for the sweater yesterday...

...and yes M, the socks from a couple of posts ago are Tofutsies 'Sweep you off your feet' I believe!

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Anonymous said...

Looks like a fun group!

I love the bracelet turned bowl :)
Did it hurt your hands to knit with wire?