Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Plastic Plastic and some SP10 stuff

I just got my information for SP10 - in case your looking here for the questionaire there's a link for you to my post where I answered those.

The plastic canvas that I'm working on seems never ending, except for the fact that I finished the big part of it tonight:

With the finished outfit:

I am now working on the raincoat and umbrella and boots... hopefully finished within the next day or two so I can go back to knitting and spinning!

Here's a picture of the finished yarn from Copper Moose. I'm trying to remember how much is there, I'm thinking it was 368 yards, or something around there, I should have written it down obviously. The color is somewhere in between these two (there is only one skein in real life):

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy, your plastic canvas looks great. I used to make plastic canvas magnets with my mom when I was little. Can't wait to spoil you. I am going on a trip for spring break next week so I'll be sending your first package soon while on my vacation. Also I will be traveling from the end of April till near the end of May, so I may send 2 packages to you instead of 3. If I get a chance to during my travels I will try to send you a package during that time, with a birthday present. Hope you and you family are doing well and don't forget to take a few minutes and post on your journal :-D.

cheers from your secret pal