Saturday, March 10, 2007


So... for my daughter's birthday she got one of those little weaving looms. I helped her do a square, and then she allowed me to try one with yarn (instead of those stretchy loops). This red woven square quickly (at bed time, with help from my husband) became pig's super costume, and our mild mannered pig became....


The adventures of super pig began and have continued now for many days.

And then we have the hedgehog:

Made by my sweet sweet husband :) It didn't come out exactly like the pattern, as he used (I handed him) more of a furry yarn that felted slightly rather than a real eyelash yarn. The hedgehog is very cute though... it just needs eyes now, and oh right... a seam sewn closed.

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zeph said...

Cute hedgehog! And I like your magic scarf too :)