Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Finally Finished

I kept knitting and knitting... and near the end I kept having my husband try it out and see if it was going to be the correct size. In fact, because he's so tall, we actually order lots of extra yarn so we wouldn't be limited by yarn on hand when we determined it was done.

Now that it's done, I don't think I'll be blocking it. The squishy-ness of the knitting seems right somehow. The lace is pretty enough without stretching it open, and this wrap definitely doesn't need to be stretched (well, maybe width-wise, but it's okay the way it is)

Even though I couldn't get a modeled shot my sweet husband has been wearing it on the couch every night and keeping warm in our cool winter house. I could barely convince him to take it off long enough for me to weave in all the ends (ulgh). I'm glad it works for him.

Both sides are so nice looking, and it just looks great throwing it over the chair or couch.

Details are on Ravelry, but here's a quick note: Stonewall by Anne Hanson (knitspot.com) done with Silky Tweed on US 4 and 5, I followed the pattern (34 repeats and all), although it appears now that my gauge is obviously not right on, as it used a lot more yarn, but it all is great, as it fits nicely.

I also have worked up this hat (modeled kindly by Lily) for a local group called Warmer Winters (which my mom is running for Springfield)

up next... more hat, scarf, wintery things, and some spinning and a small sweater for the Little Tomato

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