Monday, January 14, 2008

U is for...


I think this is a major reason why I knit, spin, cook, garden, pretty much any of my hobbies. The goal in each of them is something unique. Something that can not be mass produced (even veggies - they are different because they were grown here). I have been working on this scarf for a *long time*. It has been the project that got cast aside whenever there was something more interesting to do.

It is awesome to be done. I love how it looks. I have a couple of other projects waiting in the wings to be finished also (Lily heard I was done and immediately asked if I was working on one of the specific other projects), but I think I'm going to take a little while to savor this one.

If you remember, there were some problems early on (well, earlier on). If you look closely you can see a couple of the spots that had to be fixed (as they don't quite match the pattern). Also, as I was lightly blocking it (wet, but no pins) I noticed another spot in the same area and fixed it quickly. I'll have to keep an eye on it and patch any spots that start to hole up. I don't think it will be a problem now though. There was a slightly different gauge in the beginning section compared to the last section, but once again, that just means it is unique. It's not like I'm putting this in a show or gifting it. It is MINE :)

That's how much I had left. I maybe could have fit in one more 20 row pattern, but I wanted to make sure I had enough, plus some left over for those pesky patches if I need to.

I used US2 needles and knitpicks alpaca cloud. The pattern is one of the Elizabethan scarves designed by JoLene M. Treace. I think this is Dainty Bess but I could be wrong.

Like I said, I think I'll spend a day or two savoring being done. I might, however, do some simple swatches tonight.... or maybe some spinning... nothing too complicated though!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

T is for...


They are done! (and have been for almost a week.... bad blogger!)

They fit, mostly. They are a bit tight to get on, and the ribbing could have used a few less increases, but they do fit. They can be worn without problems... just tips for the next pair (as my sweet husband put it).

...and that's how much yarn I had left.

To recap, this was yarn I spun from fiber I got from Yarn or a Tale. I spun some of it into three ply, and most? of it into two ply. These socks used up all the two ply (I still have the three ply.. I should check how much I have). I knit them using US0 and one of the Cat Bordhi master patterns. I knit from the toe-up so I could make the most use of the yarn. I had to reknit one of the socks to the heel when they didn't match (size-wise), but then I stuck them both on the same circular needle and knit them both up so I didn't have to keep exact track of where I put the increases. Yay! I was so excited to be done with them... I took them with me to my three-hour glucose test and finished one of them there, and the other one later that same day (last monday).

T is also for Test Pattern:

Lily has learned how to knit! She finished her first project (with help from mom) and has actually started her next one already. This first one was a barbie dress (obviously). She used US10 and knit garter for a rectangle of about 3" by 5" and then I picked up stitches along the long side and increased 3 in each for about 60 stitches and joined them into a circle. She then knit around and around for about 4 more inches of stockinette (including a band of knitting on the wrong side (purls) - design element anyone?) and then learned to purl for real and did some seed stitch for about an inch and then handed it to me to bind off loosely. I then made some sleeves out of 5 stitch I cord and attached them. After trying it on a doll I crocheted a bit of a neckline and then braided some yarn into a tie and laced up the back.

Curly loves her new barbie dress and as I said, Lily has started a baby blanket now (hoping it will take less than 12 weeks to make of course).

T is also for Trial and Error...

My husband's old hat doesn't fit anymore (perhaps it got washed?) so I was talking to him about different options. We decided that instead of immediately making a new hat he would try just a band to keep his ears warm first. As we traveled to Dick Blicks yesterday for him to get some supplies (a bit long of a trip for us) so I brought my needles. After casting on the baby blanket for Lily (70 stitches on US9s) I started a band of ribbing...well, it was a bit big (as I couldn't measure his head since he was driving), so that got ripped out and I started again and finished later last night. We'll see how it works as we should be getting a big storm tonight if the weather people are right.

Here is the before pictures of my kitchen. I am participating in a deep clean challenge on ravelry and have worked on different tasks every day this week. The kitchen has one more week of work before I take the after shots, but there is a big difference already I think.

It doesn't look that bad... but the clutter... yuck! Sometime after Friday I'll post the after shots for comparison.

Sunday, January 06, 2008

S is for...


I finished the Christmas hat (remember, the yarn was given to me for Christmas for this specific purpose). Curly was very excited to see how happy Lily was with the hat. She plans to wear it ice skating this week and although she didn't want it to cover her ears (so she could still hear) she likes it on her and thinks it is wonderful.

I was hoping that S would be for Socks (as in finished husband's socks). We got a new scale right after Christmas and I keep weighing the yarn that is left. Last week I went from 42 to 37, and then from 37 to 32, and then down to 26 and 21, then 17 and today I went from 16 to 12 grams, and I am still working. I have to go take the three hour glucose test tomorrow morning, so I am planning to bring them with me if they aren't already done! (...and maybe something else to work on also?) They will be done soon, and will hopefully fit him well.

S is also for Spinning and Slippers. Can you tell I kept putting projects for my husband off while finishing other things that needed to be done? I am still spinning sporadically and will hopefully get enough yarn done to ply soon - but it might be a little while.

I am slowly working through all of my current WIPs and checking things off of my list, which is nice. I am also getting ideas for new projects, but I am trying to put those off until I have another one or two done.

One thing I was glad to pull out of my basket was a ball of yarn with a pair of US10 straights in it. Lily has decided she wants to learn to knit again. (Perhaps something to do with the sale we went to at Creative Fibers where her dad said no more yarn until she actually knits something - she has two or three balls already) Well, this time when she picked it up and sat with me for a while she seemed to get it. I try to remember to check her work often and fix any little mistakes before they become huge problems, but she is working on a barbie dress she plans to give to her sister, and is looking forward to being done with that and starting something new.

S is also for scrubbing. I've joined a ravelry group that focuses on reclaiming the home (my husband asked what I'm reclaiming it from, but that's another story...) I'm slowly working my way through some small tasks (and some not so small tasks) that have been needing to be done. I sorted through the girls clothes, I cleaned out the linen closet and the bathroom cupboard, and I'm scrubbing areas in different rooms when I notice them instead of putting them off for later...

Back to sock knitting...