Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Lots of Fiber and FO (but not at Rhinebeck)

We didn't go to Rhinebeck (or even the MA sheep and wool) this year. We are planning to go nect year (as a planned event rather than a spontaneous event). I have plenty to spin and knit between now and then (plus, so many beautiful ones online!) So yeah, next year!

Recently (about a month ago) I got some boxes in the mail....

Last year at Web's tent sale I purchased some alpaca fiber that came from a local (Westfield,Ma) alpaca. Before the Little Tomato was born I sent it off to a local (Connecticut) mill to process it. It came back to me washed and turned into roving.

Lots of roving. (umm, 6 lbs?) I have now started spinning it finally. The first project attempted with it is slippers for my husband. I'm hoping to spin and get those done sometime during November.

I also started using some of the yarn I had spun up during the Tour de Fleece. I made this Brea Bag. I then had to purchase a strap for it at Creative Fibers and, since I didn't like the single button closure, I am in the midst of sewing a zipper in. Of course, I've been in the midst for about two weeks now...

I will finish sometime soon, but other things keep coming up, like...

My daughters do ice skating lessons once a week and needed new mittens since last year's mittens didn't fit so well anymore (as we found out the first week)

Lily now wants a matching headband and cowl, but those haven't been done yet.

After the bag and Curly's mittens, this is how much wool I had left:

I also finally finished my monkeys. They were fun to do, but I remembered why I usually love and make toe-up socks.

I finished them on a Monday morning and then immediately put them on and brought the girls to one of their groups, and then left them on all day.

Of course, as I left for their group I grabbed a bag of yarn, four different sizes of needles, and a pattern book. Monday morning until Thursday morning:

...and all day Thursday (for the baby shower Thursday night) I made sure to sign the card from the whole family, as everyone really picked up the slack so I could knit, pretty much all the time.

I'm now almost up to date. Just one more post that shows all my current projects... like the nightcap from Knitty

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