Monday, February 12, 2007

A tale of woe

More than a year ago, probably more than a year and a half ago, I got this pattern (the green one)... I worked on it for a while, I stopped for a while. I picked it up again and couldn't figure out where I was, so I frogged it and started over. I went further than I had before, I did a Christmas present scarf (Christmas 2005 of course) out of worsted weight yarn with one of the other patterns (the white one). Then, since it was put away and there was another baby explosion (lots of blankets and bears to make) it had a home in my "port-a-pocket" deep in my basket. I would think about it every once in a while, and then I would finish and start other projects. I even took it out a couple times, put it in the queue, and then something else would get priority, and it would be buried again.

With the beginning of the new year I figured I should take it out and FINISH it. Just do it, since it is my only knitting UFO that keeps hanging around. So I took it out, and I set aside other things that I wanted to get done because, after all, I do love the feel of this scarf, and I do want it finished.
...and the yarn kept breaking.

This is knit picks Alpaca cloud that was recommended, even in the moss color because I loved the way that color looked...
...and the yarn kept breaking.
Finally, I gave up. I was not looking forward to weaving all of these ends in, and I knew if this kept up I wouldn't finish - forget the fact that I was worried this damaged section would just spontaneously fall apart after I was done with the scarf. So I keep digging into the ball and I finally found the end of that section. I then used my ball winder to wind up all the good yarn. I saved aside the other yarn, if I decide it is needed for the scarf maybe I'll re-spin it or something...
I think I figured out what it was. It was stored in my "port-a-pocket" which is not the softed of materials. I think it was just rubbed raw, as this yarn is a very thin delicate two-ply, and once I got past all the yarn that was on the outer most layer of the ball (rubbing against the canvas bag), it was fine again. I am now storing it in a ziplock to protect against rubbing.
This was a week or two ago. It's taken me this long to feel ok about it, and I spent part of my morning weaving in all those ends (and saving one spot that did start to un-ravel). Just as I finished, I did a couple more rows and it broke again. I have now even made sure those ends were woven in. I'm beginning to believe that this scarf just should not be. ...but I will keep going for a bit longer and keep my eyes open for any other signs of trouble. Right now it is going well (many more rows later) and the whole scarf seems safe and somewhat sturdy.

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