Monday, January 11, 2010

The end of 2009

OK, before I can start fresh, I need to finish wrapping up 2009. From mid-October until now I did finish several items.

One item I am still trying to get a picture of is a poncho I made for one of my friends. She painted my kids' room in exchange for the knitting. Beautiful simple alpaca silk.... yum. Hopefully I'll at least post pics of it on ravelry sometime. It's my own fault - I was so excited to finish it that I handed it over to her without remembering to snap a couple pictures.

I did, however, finally take some pictures of my green shawl

It's alpaca tencel yarn and is warm, and drapey, and easy to throw on around the house.

I gifted a blanket and bear set in mid-December to a beautiful new baby girl. Aren't they sweet?

I was given some yarn so that I could make scarves for the homeless (for an Eagle Scout Project). Since I know the guy doing the project, was given yarn, and wasn't planning to do any Christmas Knitting anyway, I whipped out 7 of them while watching tv and supervising schoolwork. It helped that all of them were worsted weight held double, knit on either 11 or 13s.

Back in October I joined with a ravelry group called Ply By Night. They order the same fiber and then spin it different ways to see how it looks as yarn and then knit one of two projects. Of course, I haven't spun mine yet, but I've enjoyed watching some other projects get spun and knit in that group. This might be next on the spinning wheel. (After I finish the current green I'm spinning)

I also joined a fiber club. I've admired the colors and beautiful fiber whenever I've seen David's work, so I was on the waiting list for the Southern Cross Fibre Club. When my name came up on the list I jumped in. He is in Australia, and so my December shipment came a couple days after Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas... when I was ordering some items for some other members of my family, this ended up in my Knitpicks cart.

I love the look of this kit. I now however, have two different steeked vests to make, hopefully this year.

My husband gave me these beautiful braids of fiber...

So now I have a queue for the wheel (or spindle) and plenty to keep me busy this year...

I have already made some resolutions for myself, none of them are fibery though this year. This year I guess my simple fiber goals would be to enjoy my stash and to relax and enjoy my projects. I'm not going to say not buy anything, and knit and spin only from stash, but my goodness, I do have a lot of pretty things that I should use. The relax and enjoy is to remind myself that I should be using this as my downtime and hobby, not as another stress.

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the boogeyman's wife said...

so many pretties! it sure is easy to get a queue so full of dream projects, it's hard to remember this is supposed to be fun. useful result, but fun in the process. i'm trying to relax a bit about my knitting too, and not let my dreams (or yarn on the shelf) stress me out.