Friday, December 17, 2010

Warming, in Green

I finally finished the last of the winter stuff for my kids... only about a week after it started to get cold enough for them. After finishing them I took a night or two and just watched tv without crafting before picking up another project to work on during my evenings.

First, the mittens:

Second, the hat/scarf:

I really wanted to make one of these for one of the kids - and the girls didn't need hats or scarves, so Tomato had to be talked into it. It didn't take *too* much talking, but every time I tried it on him he would freeze for a second, then feel with his hands where the knitting ended, and then really quickly WHIP it off while declaring '2 inches'. So, if I needed to actually measure anything I had to do it really quickly while he was frozen for 1.5 seconds.

I think he decided that he liked it though.

He really loves that it matches his mittens and that they are both green.

Speaking of green.... I found a really neat group on Ravelry that likes to barter - yarny stuff of course, but really anything. I swapped my many skeins of lopi yarn for four skeins of this:

At this point I'm not sure if it will end up being for me or for one of the kids, but I am really excited about making something with it in the new year!

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Anonymous said...


I think I need to comision a hat scarf for Aaron for next year. He's still wears his mobious strip scarf and orange/white hat to work. Which his co-workers have blinked at. I think a hatscarf combo for next year would take his image up another notch. Maybe in Dr Who colors? Or possibly black, or black and white. Hmm..... ....if he walks around too much in parking lots in the dark though (ya for early mornings) then maybe it should be black and day-glo orange? ;)

Enjoy your finished winter projects, as well as resting from them!