Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Fiber: Spinning again

Sometime ago I realized that I wasn't spinning.  I wanted to, I planned to, I even had exact things I wanted to get done, but it wasn't happening.

I had too much knitting, reading, cooking, cleaning, schooling, and sleeping to do. 

I finally finished all my knitting for other people, and so I brought out the spinning again.

This is silk I recently mentioned here on the blog.  It's been in progress for years and I am finally almost done with it.  The amount on the white winder is what had been on the spindle.  It was too full to keep working with so I wound it off.  The purple that is next to the spindle is all that I have left of the hankies.  As soon as that is done I will join it to the blue on the winder and wind it all into one big ball and ply it.

I also recently started the final skein of grey superwash wool.  I've already done two of them and the third has been sitting patiently waiting for months.  This will take a little while, but then I will be done and able to figure out what I'm going to knit with it all.

It feels good to be back in the thick of spinning again.  I am also reading a bunch and trying to finish the homeschool year.  Of course, this means I'm now not knitting much, but that will be back soon I'm sure, as I have a baby shower in a week and a half and some small barter projects to figure out.

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