Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Ten on Tuesday:today

There was no Ten on Tuesday topic that went out for this week, so instead, you get ten things I did today: (disclaimer, tuesday is usually a crazy day, this list is not at all inclusive)

1. Ate half a bagel with cream cheese and raspberry jam for breakfast

2. Wiped down the kitchen and swept the main floor before co-op

3. Made sure one of the girls made the pb&j for the three kids today (I ate leftovers)

4. Listened to Noel read two fun stories

5. Facilitated a game of animal sound charades

6. Carefully lifted a kid into my garage through a window since the door was stuck, eventually figured out how and fixed the door

7. Listened to a report about Ocelots

8. Played 9 games of Spot it! Kindergarten style...

9. Started a batch of dough for bread

10. Put together two pots of eggplant beef stew

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

you have a garage? Wow, I'm unobservant.