Sunday, January 21, 2007

Current Projects

I decided to check what's in the basket currently....

Felted Fish (for child 2)

Fuzzy hat for Boston Children's Hospital

Bear for green sweater

Lace Scarf

Teasing wool - [This list does not include the fibers I have been casually spinning as I am going to be teasing and dyeing - not spinning, except for my swap stuff which I can't show anyway right now.]

Planned Projects
- (may be on the needles, or under needle for sewing, soon)
Felted Fish (for child 1, and maybe one for husband also?)
4 more bears and 2 more baby blankets
Another furry fuzzy hat (due by feb 28th - mailed before then of course)
A felted bunny rabbit
A project with my new yarn from yarn swap (maybe dyeing and spinning wool to go with it?)
Spinning more yarn to send off to my pal in February
6 more skirts
some handkerchiefs

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