Monday, January 08, 2007

Why Stashes Exist

I personally have a small stash.

(For anyone who is actually reading this that is not a yarn person, a stash is your pile of yarn that is not currently being worked on)

There have been many posts lately in the blogs I read that have talked about stash reduction. My stash, small as I said, fills two plastic containers: one under the bed, and another larger one next to it. (This does not include my husband's personal stash - part of another under the bed container). However, when I wanted to do a bunch of test projects and some I-cord rugs, I had to borrow large amounts of ack yarn from my mother (who has a much larger stash than mine). I "borrowed" a big trash bag full of 100% ack - after all my fun it is down to a small grocery bag. Without a stash I would not have done these projects, it would just not have been worth buying *new* yarn....

I have also been trying over the past year or two to only buy blended yarns or 100% wool (except for specific projects), and to use up the rest of the ack in my stash. I am becoming a yarn snob. I think a lot of that has to do with me spinning more and really putting more thought and effort into each project (not that i didn't before.... but...)

With all the stash reduction posts and my own stash evaluation I have been really pondering the purposes and uses of the stash....

Good points about having a big stash:
- Inspiration

- Quick projects

Bad points about having a big stash:
- Storage

obviously the good out weighs the bad... the only problem is when it gets so big that you don't remember what you have, but i guess then you can just get excited about shopping in your stash again.

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