Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Recovering and back to work

Long weekend/week.. I was feeling REALLY sick most of that time, and I'm just starting to start feeling better enough to knit (and blog about it).

I have made some progress on the baby blanket (I have listed on my planned projects only one, but i know there's two more that I'll have to make. It now has stripes of all four colors, and I'm about to start the repeat (in a different color order). I've been enjoying Cara's showing of color, especially in mitered form. :) I think I can blame starting this blanket with three other knitting projects (and sewing and spinning and life) already going on all on her and her colors. I knew this blanket was going to be fun playing with the four colors. And as a plus, I get to use my new project bag, as the skeins of yarn not in use fit very nicely into the new cherry bag.

I have also finally finished a monkey appendage. ..and started another one. (the monkey head/body is also done). I just have to finish all four appendages and then the tail, then I think I do some pieces with the contrasting color.... someday it will be done and supermonkey will fly!

The lace scarf hasn't been worked on at all... because I was waiting for my knitpicks order to bring me some nice pointy needles. They arrived late last week and will soon be put to work.

I was also waiting for nice pointy needles before redoing my husband's toe again. The new dps are nice (and shorter - i got the 6 inch ones) and the toes are also done again, still a bit of work to go.... and then I can knit for a while and try it on him hoping it fits better.

Speaking of the knitpicks order, along with the nice new needles (isn't alliteration fun?), I had also purchased some bare sock yarn for me to play with and dye and make fun socks, and also three skeins of some lace weight so I can make something out of Victorian Lace Today. I haven't picked the project yet, but I got enough to do almost any of them. Any suggestions? The yarn I got is shimmer, in the deep woods colors (lots of browns with a bit of goldens) it's an alpaca/silk blend and I'm very excited to use it.

I would put on some pictures of this stuff, but I realized on friday afternoon (after the knitpicks came but before I felt ill) that the camera batteries were done, and I haven't recharged them yet....hopefully i'll plug those in sometime before bed tonight and can do pictures before the week is orver.

If you enjoy seeing anything on the site or have any questions about anything, feel free to leave a comment - although I started this mostly to help me keep track of projects I love knowing that someone other than myself is reading


Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy,
Sorry to see that you've been sick, I'm in the same boat, but despite that I still have to help my mom move and get my house all sorted out again. *sigh* it never ends. If you haven't picked out your project from Victorian Lace Today, for easy lace pattern I'd suggest the one on p 16 or p 20 or a bit more of a challenge p 72, p 92 p. 126, p 134 or p. 142. The myrtle shawl on p. 134 is my absolute favourite and I'll be working that one up soon. There are so many great patterns to choose just one, sorry :-) I'd say put your absolute favourites that you know that you can knit up or you think think you're up to the challenge and have your wee ones pick a page number out of a hat or something! Good luck and keep us up-to-date with your choice. BTW I luuurrrvvveee my knitpicks options and knitpicks needles haven't tried the dpns yet but those are next on my wishlist.
From your sp,
yarn geisha

Anne said...

LOL. Something just made me chuckle at reading "done with a monkey appendage" haha. I look forward to seeing a full monkey sometime! I'm glad you're feeling better, also - being sick is really one of lifes worst pains in the arse!