Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Snow and Sock(s?)

Well, I have been contacted by my secret pal and I am very excited about this swap. I've also been in contact with the person i will be spoiling - but I won't talk about that ;). Between snow, stress, and sleep... I have managed to work on some things:

got my seeds started:

(the different tomato seeds are in the window sill green house)

(peppers, brussel sprouts, and eggplant, each in their separate green houses)

I have also started my husband's sock. (He also started one for me... he works top down, and has finished the heel and working on the foot) I work socks toe-up and now that I've finished the toe increases I'm all set to just knit for many inches...

We were asked for the secret pal swap to blog about our favorite knitting tool... I can't narrow it down to just one, but I did try, so it's down to a couple. My favorite knitting tool would be the computer, since any time I have a question I can easily research and find many answers within minutes (usually). As I picked up spinning and asked my mother for help (as I took her wheel and old fleece to play with) she was amazed what I was able to pick up online for spinning and dyeing... much more than she could find in the 80s when she was trying to learn with the help of a few people and the local library.

My favorite traditional knitting tool would be either this:

I love to work from nice neat yarn, and more than that I love to have my stash look like more than a tangled mess...

or this:

My handy container o' tools. Any time I decide to bring a knitting project with me I can just grab this old pill bottle and have almost anything I need (tape measure, crochet hook, sewing needle, many makers and stitch holders, folding scissors, a pen, safety pins, so many little things all together)

but my husband's new knitting toy almost made the list:

He got a nice new counter - it can count three different things at once, incrementing up or down, and at any one time two of the three counts can be locked so the girls can't change them... and I'm sure he would share it with me if I need it when he doesn't.

I wanted to thank those of you who have left comments after reading. It is nice to know that someone is reading. I am not always able to respond (if you don't leave an email address), but either way, I appreciate the comments and feedback! Thank you!

And then of course, my big news: I now have a lap top - thanks to one of my husband's coworkers who was upgrading! So thank you to my sweet sweet husband and to his friend. I am still getting used to it, but thanks to Ubuntu I am up and working and the camera even worked without issues. My sweet sweet husband even got the wireless network working on it last night... so I am using it right now. YAY!

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