Monday, September 24, 2007

H is for...


Knitting Content: Yes, the contest could be considered unfair - except for the fact that my husband does have larger than normal feet, and not as much knitting time as I do. He just finished the first heel (toe-up) and I'm almost done with the pattern from knitting in lingerie style. That would also count as a win (The yarn pirate socks are still moving along, just trying to finish one of them before he finishes, although depending on tall or short he makes the socks we might have to consider it a tie instead of a win). I'll have to do current pictures on all projects within the next post or two.

H is also for Homeschool.

Lily is loving school most days. Mondays we spend catching up on reading and math and have piano lessons. Tuesdays she does history while Curly has joyschool. Wednesdays we have book club (which rotates between a kid picked book with fun activity and a Beatrix Potter story with grammar and writing). Thursday she has an enrichment group (same kids as the history group) where she does science, art, music, math games, crafts, etc on a rotating basis. Friday we do some more math and writing and clean up from the week. So far this schedule has been working.

H is also for Holidays.

A couple weeks away (the first weekend in October) is the beginning of my holidays. That's the weekend that I send out the Christmas assignments in my family (we each send gifts to one family rather than to everyone). I also start the girls Halloween costumes, which bleeds right into Thansgiving, Christmas, New Years.... So I'm going to try to enjoy the next couple of weeks before that cycle starts.

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