Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Bear and Socks and Fiber... oh my!

I had this post almost ready to go out about a week ago, when suddenly our DSL wasn't working... it took 5 days to get it back and then another day to make sure everything was working again, so finally, here's the post!

My husband has a co-worker who recently had a child (well, he's the father, so he didn't *have* the child, but yeah...) so my sweet husband asked if I'd be willing to make a bear for them.

Then of course another co-worker saw the bear and asked if I'd make one for him to give away, so we coordinated and got more colors...

At this point the second bear is actually done and photos will be in the next post!

I also finished the stripe-y socks!

My husband now has a pair of tall warm winter socks (and he actually wore them while it was still really cold).

He did say that the shaping started a bit late, so it's a bit tight right before the increases start.

...and the ribbing still had too many stitches in it (didn't decrease enough), so it stretches a bit big - we're trying to decide if it's worth fixing or if we'll just keep it in mind if (when?) I make another pair sometime before next winter. Since we keep the house so cool during the winter these were definitely appreciated!

...and completely unrelated...

While shopping for a swap I'm participating in I saw this roving in an etsy shop and loved the colors! So... this came to my house and gets to stay :)

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