Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Scooting and Rocking (Videos)

As you have seen, I rarely put my kids up on the blog (first because this is a craft blog, and second, for their privacy) but I've had a number of requests to see these videos of Mr Little Tomato... We'll see if this works.

The first is of him moving across the room. He now will crawl (on his stomach) if we put him down that way, but he used to scream and cry and then put his head down and just wait for us to sit him up, so this is the way he learned to move around from his preferred sitting position.

This second video is of him on the rocking horse that one of his grandpa's made for older sister (when she was just a bit bigger than he is now). He can't quite get on it by himself yet, but when someone puts him on it we get rewarded with huge grins ...usually. Even though he can't get on, he can almost always get off of it without help when he's done.

Hope you enjoyed the rare pics of one of the kids!

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