Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Crazy Busy

Another month has zoomed by, and what a month it has been. I did mange to get one more pay it forward gift off, and now, although I am past the year deadline I do have a plan to get the last one done, hopefully soon. Other than thinking about that gift I also am knitting. I do have several projects in the works, but my time is going to only one, and it happens to be the one I can't post about until it is done. I'm hoping another week or two will see it done, but I've said that before about other projects and have been wrong....

Now since this is normally a craft blog, and I don't have crafts to blog about... I've been pretty silent, but this past month has been very busy. We wished my little brother a happy birthday, made a couple trips to Ikea, watched olympics and had fun doing homeschool with that theme, celebrated the short life of little Hazel, baked two cakes and watched my oldest turn 8, planned a baptism, started shredding my body, got the bikes back out for a family ride, wished my dad a happy birthday on pi day, been so happy about the warming weather and spring coming, and realized it's been a month since I blogged.

So, it's been busy, as we've been doing our normal daily/weekly things during all of that... I bet life has been crazy and busy for all of you too. I've been thinking of have a little contest with a prize, anyone interested? for my next post!

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Jackie said...

Contest!!?? Prize!!?? I'm in!